Toyoko Inn Hokudai Mae

The Toyoko Inn Sapporo Hokudai Mae is one of 5 Toyoko Inn locations in Sapporo. Take care in your directions so you make sure to get to the right one. This location is directly in front of the Hokkaido University campus a few blocks North from Sapporo Station. This makes for a very nice, peaceful location with the tree-lined campus just across the road.

It’s a great Budget hotel for those visiting friends or family on campus, and is close to Sapporo Station shopping and dining. There are several reasonably priced dining options in the area that cater to University students, one of the best being the CoCo Curry shop right next door, which has multilingual menus. Some of the other Toyoko Inn locations around Sapporo are larger though, and this particular location doesn’t have much room in the lobby for baggage storage or seating space. In addition, the smaller size of this hotel has made for some odd room configurations, such as Twin Rooms which are separated by the washroom in between. All the usual facilities of a Toyoko Inn are here, including free free Japanese style breakfast (rice, miso soup, pickled vegetables and sausages), vending machines, free coffee and water, an ice machine, a basic business station with printer and two computer terminals, and simple laundry facilities.

Room options include Single, Economy Double, Double, and Twin, and come with all basic amenities like hair dryer, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, towels, yukata robe and slippers. The rooms are small but functional and clean. Rooms are equipped with a writing desk and chair, small TV, mini fridge and small room safe, as well as a telephone and electric kettle which comes with complimentary green tea bag. Free Wi-Fi and LAN Internet connections are also provided in each room and there’s free Wi-Fi service in the lobby. The staff at this location can speak basic English and are able to help you with advice and recommendations for your stay. This is a great option for budget travelers just looking for a pleasant, clean space to sleep, and is a perfectly satisfactory option if you plan to be out sightseeing or at business meetings for most of your stay. Toyoko Inns offer special perks to members, including discounts and even a 10th stay free program for regular visitors.

With over 240 locations all over Japan, usually right next to the train station, Toyoko Inns are also a great option for those traveling around Japan.

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