Miyoshino Sapporo Sakaemachi

Miyoshino Sapporo Sakaemachi is a casual dining restaurant chain specializing in gyoza dumplings  located in Sakaemachi, the north east of Downtown Sapporo.

Here’s a relaxed setting where you have the option of table or counter seating. Their popular meal, gyoza teishoku comes with six dumplings,  pickled cabbage, rice bowl and miso soup. Pots of soy sauce, vinegar, ginger and lard are placed on tables so you can make your own dumpling sauce. If you have a big appetite, omori gyoza teishoku (large dumpling sets) are available as well as large rice bowl servings at an extra cost. Super large dumpling sets (jumbo teishoku) are provided with 18 dumplings, pickled cabbage, large rice bowl and miso soup.

Curry and rice is another meal option at Miyoshino restaurants with choices of basic curry and rice, with three dumplings, and with melted cheese on top, as well as large curry and rice with six dumplings and poached eggs on top. Dishes of basic curry and rice, with three dumplings and melted cheese on top can be ordered with larger portions for an extra cost. Set meals come with a curry and rice plate, six dumplings and pickled cabbage. Miyoshino’s drink menus include coca cola and beer.

Miyoshino Sapporo Sakaemachi is about three minutes walk from Subway Sakaemachi Station, the last station on the north bound train on Toho (Blue) Line. Exit 3 is the most convenient way to get to the restaurant. It is approximately 15 minutes walk from Tsudome, one of the popular Snow Festival venues. From the Dome, take Exit 2 and walk on Shinoro Dori (Street) on the left hand side backing the Dome. Turn right at the next traffic light onto Okadama Airport Street and pass Sakaemachi Station. Once you go beyond the subway station, Miyoshino Sapporo Sakaemachi is at  the next traffic light on the right hand side.