APA Hotel Susukino

The APA Hotels chain is one of the largest Business hotel chains in Japan. They have locations all over the country, and several in Sapporo. APA Hotel Susukino is the most convenient location though, right on Route 36 one of the main roads into Sapporo.

It’s also just a block away from Ekimae Dori, Sapporo’s Main Street, and right at the entrance to Hosui Susukino subway station. It’s an excellent location that makes it perfect for business or sightseeing in the downtown core.

Despite the good location, however, this is a very standard Business hotel, meaning that you get the basics for a good night’s sleep and that’s about it. This particular location is a bit old and the decor is tired. It’s a mid-size hotel, so there’s a good chance that you can get a room even on short notice.

However, although it’s located directly in the heart of the Susukino entertainment district and one of the busiest areas of the city, it’s still fairly peaceful, as there’s a large courtyard in the center of the hotel with a nice little garden complete with a small waterfall and pond.

Room sizes are Single and Double, and are primarily geared toward the single occupant. As the room sizes are fairly small, it’s a good idea for Western visitors used to larger rooms to book the Double option to avoid feeling too cramped.

Rooms come with basic amenities like shampoo, conditioner, body soap, towels, slippers, pajamas, etc. There’s no Wi-Fi available in the rooms but there’s access in the lobby. Rooms do have a TV with video-on-demand service. Cards are sold by vending machines in the halls.

On-site facilities are basic, there’s a restaurant, a small massage spa on the first floor, a coin laundry, and a basic business counter with 2 computer stations. There are vending machines and ice machines on every other floor.

The staff doesn’t speak any English, which is common for this style of Business hotel. It’s primarily aimed at domestic, Japanese-speaking business travelers. You’ll be able to get by though, even with only a few words of Japanese.