Nippon Rent-A-Car Sapporo Station

The downtown branch of Sapporo Nippon Rent A Car is located just a block from the old Government buildings, 2 minutes walk away on Ekimae Dori street. The red street frontage clearly denotes where it is.

Nippon are able to assist you from a K class vehicle, the smallest car you can get, right up to haulage size lorries, and everything in between including child booster seats and in fact children’s buggies! Opening hours are 7am-11pm.The staff are very welcoming as you would expect, but not good at all in understanding English, although there is always someone available at the end of the phone to speak to if necessary. The pricing is fairly straightforward although the leaflet is not very clear, the only problem you may encounter is then attempting to negotiate a lower price! Prices seem to start from approximately $60 per day for the smallest car, but reduces depending on how long you want it for.

It might be a good ideas to shop around for better prices elsewhere but it’s certainly a good starting point. Plus the cars look like they are both very modern and clean.