The Niseko area covers a wide area, including Kutchan town, Niseko town, and Rankoshi town. The Niseko Festival is a major summer event that ties all these areas together in one large festival that takes place at the same time in several locations over a period of about 3 weeks.

As a traditional Japanese summer festival expect to find outdoor tables with umbrellas, tents with vendors selling various items such as BBQ chicken, pork, seafood and locally produced vegetables, sweets, yakisoba, and plenty of free-flowing draft beer! BBQ corn and yakitori grilled chicken are two especially popular items.
There are also musical performances such as taiko drumming, traditional Japanese enka singing, and dance exhibitions including Japanese Yosakoi dance as well as currently popular styles.

Taking place in autumn during some of the area’s best weather you can usually expect crisp, clear skies and warm temperatures. This is an event for the whole family, with plenty of activities for young children and games to try.

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