Jacksonville Burger Odori

Jacksonville Burgers is a good old-fashioned American-style burger shop. Although Sapporo has endless Japanese and local Hokkaido dining options, sometimes you just want a taste of Western food.

This is especially true of long term visitors, making Jacksonville Burger a favorite of Sapporo ex-pats. The original location at North 24 has established a reputation as having some of the best burgers in town, and now the new Odori North 1 location is carrying on the tradition.

The Jacksonville Burger chain was started by Kanada-san who formerly lived in Jacksonville, America. While there he learned to speak fluent American English and cook delicious American style burgers! All burgers are made following their 5 Promises:

1. All burgers are made to order with 100% real beef, with fresh patties grilled over an open flame. 2. Buns are made from their original recipe and baked fresh at a local bakery 3. All vegetables are fresh and sourced locally from Japanese farms 4. All burgers are made with their original JVB burger sauce and spices

5. All burgers are 100% American style made from handmade burger patties

Jacksonville Burger has popular monthly specials as well as a great lunch special: around ¥900 to ¥1,200 yen for a burger, coleslaw salad, fries or onion rings, a soft drink and a small cup of soup, depending on what burger you order. In addition to burgers there are buffalo wings, nachos, quesadillas, bottomless popcorn and other American standards. They also have a good drink selection and party plan specials. Try pairing your burger with bourbon whiskey for a real American experience!

Jacksonville Burger Odori is located just one block north of Odori Park Block 7, three blocks west of Sapporo’s main street Ekimae Dori. You can walk there in about 7 minutes from Sapporo Station, and 5 minutes from Odori Station. The entrance opens onto Route 230. The easiest way to get there is to walk south from Sapporo Station or one block north from Odori Station on Ekimae Dori, then head west on Route 230. You’ll see Jacksonville Burger on the south side of the street.

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