Sumiyaki Robota Kushiro Sapporo Station

The Sumiyaki Robota Kushiro chain of izakayas is a local Hokkaido chain that delivers on the promise of its name; literally translated it roughly means: “Charcoal grilled fireside cuisine from Kushiro”, Kushiro being one of Hokkaido’s Northernmost seaports and an abundant source of fresh seafood.

The menu consists of seasonal local delicacies that can only be found here such as their very popular fresh abalone sashimi with soy sauce and wasabi, charcoal grilled fresh fish, sashimi and sushi platters, rounded out by traditional Japanese staples like soba noodles.

This location just 2 blocks in front of Sapporo Station can easily be reached in a one minute walk from the JR Hakodate main line or Namboku Subway Line (green line).

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