Soup Curry Yellow

Soup Curry Yellow has been voted as the Number 1 soup curry restaurant in the central Sapporo area.

Yellow, which opened in 1996, is one of the oldest soup curry restaurants in Sapporo. Yellow is known for its unique method of creating its own soup by using high pressure cookers. The speciality soup, various soup curry dishes, bar atmosphere, and convenient location, are all together the reasons why Yellow has become one of the most talked-about soup curry restaurants in Sapporo.

For a dish like soup curry, soup is extremely important and of course, Yellow knows how to make it right. Using 13 different kinds of spices, pork bone, chicken stock, herbal vegetables and seafood, Yellow creates their bouillon in a high pressure cooker which cooks at 136 degrees Celsius under a high pressure of 3.2 bar for more than a day so that they can extract all the taste from each ingredient inside. The result is amazing. The creamy-looking Yellow’s soup makes you wonder if it contained some kind of dairy product such as coconut milk; however, it is purely the result of the way they make their soup. Yellow’s soup is not thick or heavy, yet has a rich taste and is flavorful.

Yellow offers a wide variety of soup curry dishes including chicken-leg and vegetables soup curry, blue herb and lamb soup curry, tofu soup curry, weekly specials and other limited offer soup curry dishes. Carrot, eggplant, potato, lotus roots and green pepper are the vegetables in the soup curry, and they are all cut into large pieces so that the texture is retained. You can customize your soup curry by adding some toppings such as natto, eggs cooked in various ways, or fried garlic. All soup curry dishes come with rice, and you can choose one of three different sizes from small to large. Ordering larger size is free of charge; however, if you choose a larger size and don’t eat it all, you have to pay an extra 100 yen. Also, you can tell the staff to hold the rice to receive 50 yen off the meal. Of course you can choose the spiciness of your soup curry from 1 to 4 for no extra charge, and 1 is for those who can’t take any spicy as it has no spiciness at all. Up to level 40 of spiciness is available if you are up for the challenge.

Yellow’s decor reminds you of as if you were in a bar. As soon as you enter, you will see counter seatings and across from there are many events’ flyers and posters on the walls. As you walk towards the seat, you’ll pass by a DJ booth. The dimly lit restaurant creates a somewhat quiet ambiance. Yellow seats 46 making the soup curry restaurant one of the largest occupancies among soup curry restaurants in downtown Sapporo. A smoking section is available, separated from the non-smoking sections by a glass wall.

Yellow is located in just off Route 36 behind Geodinos, a theater and amusement arcade in downtown Sapporo. The closest subway station is Susukino station and it takes about 5 minutes to walk to the restaurant. Free 1 hour parking is available at the parking lot across from Yellow if your order comes to more than 2,300 yen.

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