Snowmobile Land Sapporo

Snowmobile Land Sapporo is one of the largest snowmobile tour companies in the world, with over 90 kilometers of courses that wind through a variety of terrain from forests to mountain peaks. Tours range from 60 to 90 minutes and are lead by experienced guides that help even complete beginners to enjoy the experience. Tours include all equipment necessary including winter wear such as snow pants, jackets, gloves, boots and safety gear, well-maintained new model snowmobiles, extensive training and safety instruction, and even hotel pick up service.

There are two main courses as well as backcountry tours. The courses vary in length according to your skill level, your guide will choose the best course for your group. Course 1 is a mountain course that leads to a 600 meter high peak that overlooks Sapporo city and the Sea of Japan. On clear days the view is breathtaking so don’t forget your camera! The length of this course is 20 to 25 kilometers and takes 60 minutes. The fee is ¥10,000 yen. Course 2 is a forest course that winds through Sapporo’s pristine backcountry. This is an area that few people ever visit and is primarily unspoilt wilderness. This course is 30 – 35 kilometers and takes 90 minutes. The fee is ¥13,500 yen. In addition to the guided tours you can also take the License Course to get your snowmobiling certification, a certification that’s valid throughout Japan. In summer Snowmobile Land Sapporo becomes Wonder Land Sapporo and 4 wheel ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) take the place of snowmobiles. Fishing, barbecuing, hiking and other activities are also available.

Snowmobile Land Sapporo is only 20 minutes east of downtown Sapporo by car on Route 82. There is free parking on site for up to 266 vehicles, 20 passenger cars and 6 buses. To get there via public transit take the Sapporo Subway Tozai line (orange line) from Odori Station to Kotoni or Hassamu Minami Station. From there walk up to ground level and the Kotoni or Hassamu Minami bus station. From there take the number 41 bus on the Nishino Fukui-line and get off at Fukui Entei Mae, which is the last stop. Snowmobile Land Sapporo is 200 meters up from the bus stop on your right. Alternately you can take Japan Rail from Sapporo Station to Kotoni Station and take the number 41 bus from there.

Pick up Service is also available from your hotel as follows: – Reservation hours are between 9am-5pm daily (reservations made the day before can use either the morning or afternoon service) – Same day reservations can only be made for the afternoon service. * Morning pick up bus: 9:00-10:00 → return time to Sapporo: 13:30-14:30

* Afternoon pick up bus: 13:30-14:30 → return time to Sapporo: 17:30-18:00

Please note that there will be other people on the bus that might be doing longer tours and the bus will not leave until they get back so you may have to wait until they return to depart for the return trip.

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