Sapporo Station Shopping Course


Sapporo Station is both the transportation and shopping hub of Sapporo. With direct express train and bus access from Chitose International Airport, it’s the first stop in town for many people. And with its connections to JR Hokkaido train lines, the Sapporo Municipal Subway system, and Chikaho underground walkways, it provides easy access to dozens of department stores, electronics mega stores and boutique shops.

Where to Stay

Part of the Sapporo Station complex itself, JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo rises 36 floors and 175 meters above the station complex, making it both the highest building north of Tokyo and the hotel with the best view of Sapporo. It’s also directly connected to the station and just a short walk from train, bus, subway, taxis, and underground walkway, making it the most convenient hotel to stay at when shopping in this area. Other hotels in the area around Sapporo Station include the Century Royal Hotel, Keio Plaza Hotel, Mitsui Garden Hotel, JR Inn Sapporo, Hotel Gracery Sapporo, and Toyoko Inn Sapporo Station North.


Japan is famous for its electronics, and if you’re looking for a new gadget Yodobashi Camera and Bic Camera are two mega stores that have just about everything you could ever want.

Department Stores

Daimaru department store is part of the Sapporo Station complex, and is a great place to shop for upscale items. Stellar Place is at the center of the station complex, though it’s not exactly a department store but rather a group of individual boutique shops. You can also take the Chikaho underground walkway from Sapporo Station to the Odori shopping district, about a 10 minute walk away, where you’ll find PARCO Sapporo, Mitsukoshi, Marui Imai, 4pla, Pivot, Ikeuchi Zone, Ikeuchi Gate, and Don Quijote.

Shopping Centers

In addition to Stellar Place there are several other shopping centers with collections of boutique shops and restaurants. These include Apia, Paseo, Esta, and just a short walk away though the Chikaho underground walkway Noasis, Odori Bisse, Aurora Town, Poletown, and Tanuki Koji. Any one of these is a good place to find the latest fashions and have a break for lunch.

Drug Stores & Cosmetics

If you’re looking for health & beauty items, cosmetics, or just daily toiletries there are several options either at Sapporo Station or a short walk away through the Chikaho underground passage, including Kokumin Sapporo Apia, Kokumin Sapporo Esta, ainz & tulpe Odori Bisse, Kokumin Sapporo Chikagai, ainz & tulpe Poletown, and Kokumin Drug Tanuki Koji.

100 Yen Shops

100 Yen Shops are the equivalent of the North American dollar store, with a infinite amount of items in stock all for around 100 yen (105 with tax). The closest one to Sapporo Station is CanDo.


The best and biggest bookstore in Sapporo, with a good selection of both Japanese and foreign language books, is right next to Sapporo Station: Kinokuniya.

Sports Equipment

Need a winter jacket to fight off Sapporo’s cold? Skis got lost in transit? Time for a new pair of hiking boots or swim goggles? Sapporo Sports Kan at Satsueki Bridge has everything you’ll need.