Sapporo Handmade Shop Youkoso

Sapporo Handmade Shop Youkoso is a unique souvenir shop located in Pole Town, Chikagai (underground) Shopping Mall in Downtown Sapporo.

Since the shop opened in August 2007, many customers have been shopping at this unique chopstick store. The shop has a wide range of chopsticks with drawings. Everything from Chinese zodiac signs and flowers of birth months, to paired chopsticks for couples as well as chopstick cases. Sapporo Handmade Shop Youkoso has the greatest stock of chopsticks in Sapporo. Name carving services are provided for authentic presents and souvenirs for your family and friends, or even the memory of your Japanese holiday. Have fun creating your special chopsticks  with your choice of  English alphabets, hiragana or katakana. Have a look at some of the other Japanese crafts on sale.

Your own unique chopsticks can be purchased  in store or online. Payment options for online shopping are money transfers and credit cards.

Sapporo Handmade Shop Youkoso is in between Odori and Susukino in the Pole Town Shopping Mall (about less than five minutes walk from either Odori or Susukino). As an underground shopping mall, you don’t need to worry about the weather.