Pottery Exhibition of Sachitou Workshop

Pottery Exhibition of Sachitou Workshop is a beautiful display of exceptional pottery to be held at the end of May 2014 at the Gallery Suifuyo located in the northern suburb of Sapporo.

Displays at the exhibition are created at Sachitou Workshop which is owned and operated by Sachiko Tanimoto, based in Shintoku, a small town in Eastern Hokkaido. Ms Tanimoto creates lovely pottery for daily household life, such as coffee mugs, rice bowls, large plates, tea pots and small bowls. Enjoy the delightful drawing skills in these pottery items, such as grapes, violets and erythronium japonicum.

These pottery items are an excellent example of the high skills that Japanese artisans have developed. Learn more about Japanese culture at Pottery Exhibition of Sachitou Workshop.

Gallery Suifuyo is around 15 minutes walk from Subway Kita 24 Jo Station on the Nanboku (green) Line. Alternatively you can catch a Chuo Bus numbered 02, 22, 34, 35, 36 or 39 from Chuo Bus Sapporo Terminal (located along Sosei River and near Odori Park) or North 7 West 1 (that is the closest bus stop from JR Sapporo Station).