Otaru Asari Classe Hotel

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Otaru Asari Classe Hotel is definitely a classy resort hotel located in the Asari-onsenkyou spa, an annex to Otaru. The hotel is surrounded by the richness of the surrounding forest, to be enjoyed from spacious room views. Travelers can also enjoy a large communal bath and sports activities in the depths of the forest.

Classe Hotel holds various sports facilities, such as a fitness gym, swimming pool, tennis court, squash court and arena. Additionally, you can take a walk through the trees, ski, play golf, and enjoy other activities in the hotel area. It takes a 10-minute walk to Asarigawa Onsen Winter Resort where you can play winter sports with mountain and ocean views.

Relax either in the large communal bath or outdoor bath, enjoy the seasons, nature and wild birds. An exciting and popular new feature is 6 renewed rooms with private outdoor baths. The quality of the hot spring is a sodium calcium monochloride, well known to offer relief to muscle pain. The healing salon next to the communal bath removes everyday fatigue and stress, and the popular facial salon is an exceptional stress reliever.

There are three restaurants in the hotel. You can enjoy Otaru’s special cuisine with mountain food and seafood, Hokkaido’s specialty, using the trade mark exceptional seasonal ingredients of Hokkaido. Breakfast is buffet style with Japanese and Western dishes.

Asari Classe Hotel runs a souvenir store inside with great Hokkaido themed items. WIFI service is free. The hotel lobby has a lovely ambiance with a candle chandelier shedding soft and welcoming light.

It takes approximately 40 minutes by car from Sapporo city center. When you use the express way, make a right turn at the Asari interchange exit toward mountain side and about 3 minutes from there. When you use Route 5, make a turn at the intersection between Route 5 and Prefectural road 1 also toward mountain side. If you would like to use the public bus, take Route 13 service bound for Asarigawa Onse Spa at Otaru Sta. or Otaru-chikkou Sta. There is one shuttle bus service provided by the Asari Classe Hote, leaving at 5:45 p.m. from Otaru Unga canal (in front of Unga Plaza), at 6 p.m. from Otaru Station (in front of Nagasakiya department store), and at 6:15 p.m. from Otaru-chikkou Station (south exit).

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