om SELL & BUY opened in 2007 in the 1-chome section of the long-standing Tanuki Koji Shopping Aracde. We are a shop specializing in menswear with a focus on good-looking, high-quality fashion and street clothing brands, with a special focus on clothing that is made in Japan.

All our secondhand clothing is meticulously clean, so you can rest easy shopping with us. In addition to secondhand clothing, we also have original T-shirts and brand new fashion itmes and merchandise which are selected by our staff.

Our clothing selection is focused mainly on customers from their teens to their thirties. We also have inexpensive items in the area in the front of our shop, so students shop here frequently. Since secondhand shops are still not very familiar to people in Japan, we receive a large percentage of our customers from a variety of different countries. Our staff numbers are small, but they speak English, so please feel free to stop by. For customers from foreign countries who show us their ID at checkout time, we will take 5% off the purchase price.

We want to create a cycle that makes it possible for higher quality items to remain in use for a long time instead of clothes simply being produced and consumed. We aim to be a company that can bring about the joy of having customers sell us their clothing while also finding them the clothing that they want. We hope to stay here together for many years at historic Tanuki Koji which this year will celebrate its 140th anniversary, and look forward to meeting you, so please stop by anytime!

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