Northern Terrace Diner (Sapporo Grand Hotel)

The official restaurant for the Grand Hotel, this first floor dining restaurant serves as the main dining venue, with breakfast buffet in the morning, then lunch and dinner with a regular menu.

Newly renovated in the spring of 2013 the Northern Terrace is one of the nicest dining establishments with a street side view on Ekimae Dori, Sapporo’s main street. In summer the doors are opened and outside seating turns it into a street side terrace complete with beer garden. In the evening the atmosphere changes to that of a French style brasserie, with a more upscale menu and wine selections.

The Northern Terrace Diner is located on the first floor of the Sapporo Grand Hotel, itself located right on Sapporo’s main street of Ekimae Dori, just 4 blocks south of Sapporo Station, and one block north of Odori Park. It also enjoys basement access to the Chikaho Underground Walkway that runs below Ekimae Dori and connects Sapporo Station and the Odori Station area.

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