Mikaku Food Fiesta

The Mikaku Food Fiesta is an annual event held at the Hilton Niseko Village hotel. It brings together the best culinary treats of the area for the best “Foodies” event of the year, a true culinary extravaganza and celebration of the region’s best produce culminating in amazing dishes all under one roof.

The incredibly talented chefs of the region’s hotels and restaurants present gourmet dishes using the best local produce in season.

This is a great opportunity for Hokkaido food lovers to come together to taste and experience the best of locally produced foods. Come and meet the people behind the food and try the food that makes this region and its people so special for yourself!

The event brings together farmers, chefs, local residents, visitors from all over the world, and various organizations across private and public sectors to share the region’s best local produce and at the same time raise awareness of pertinent food issues surrounding all of us today, such as recently growing trend of “Food Mileage” awareness.

Past events have seen live music with The Jazz Band and special culinary treats such as “Veggie Sweets” using the best of the region’s local produce!

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