Kopitiam Singapore Dining

Kopitiam is a Singapore style restaurant located in Block 7 of the Tanuki Koji Shopping Arcade. Both the cuisine and decor are authentic Singaporean and it’s very popular with locals and tourists alike. It’s always busy here, so it’s best to arrive early to get a seat!

Visiting Kopitiam is a unique experience. Like Singapore itself, the emphasis is more on good food than fancy design, so the furnishings and decor are a departure from the usual Hokkaido restaurant. Chairs and tables are of the brightly colored plastic variety, in summer people sit outside at makeshift tables on boxes or whatever’s available, and the interior is decorated with a jumble of trinkets like little brass statues and Tiger Beer signs, and lit by red tinged lights. The effect is very reminiscent of the famous outdoor food markets of Singapore itself, which adds to Kopitiam’s charm. A visit to Kopitiam is like a trip to Southeast Asia. Speaking of Tiger Beer, they serve both it and Tsingtao Beer, as well as a good selection of Asian themed cocktails. These go well paired with the excellent, spicy dishes, one of the most popular of which is the chicken rice. Other favorites are the chili crab, chili shrimp, and spicy noodle soup reminiscent of Vietnamese Pho. They also have good Asian style desserts such as sweet dumplings.

Kopitiam is conveniently located in the Tanuki Koji Shopping arcade at Block 7. From Odori Station just walk south through the Poletown Underground Shopping Center then when you see the overhead sign for Tanuki Koji take the escalator on the west side. You’ll emerge in Tanuki Koji Block 4. Walk straight west through the arcade for 3 blocks and you’ll see Kopitiam on the south side of the arcade. At night it’s the busiest establishment on this block so you can’t miss it.

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