Kazokutei Sapporo Stellar Place

Kazokutei Sapporo Stellar Place located in the city center of Sapporo provides an authentic Japanese dining experience with classic soba and udon noodle selections.

Kazokutei takes pride in setting high standards with their noodles and soup ingredients – buckwheat, flour, seaweeds and fishcakes – high quality meals for their valuable customers. This hardworking restaurant chain truly aims to satisfy their customers.

A wide range of soba and undon noodles are available including zaru soba (plain cold soba), tenzaru soba (cold soba with tempura), fresh simmering udon with tempura and udon with thin deep fried tofu and hot soup. You can check out what the meals are like in the restaurant’s front display area.

Kazokutei Sapporo Stellar Place has an interesting traditional Japanese exterior at the entrance and throughout the interior decor. Attention to such detail adds to the overall experience of traditional Japanese soba and udon dining.

Kazokutei Sapporo Stellar Place is located on the Sixth Floor at Sapporo Stellar Place Shopping Mall (Center Section) adjoining JR Sapporo Station. It is convenient for dining after shopping, in between exploring the city and before taking a train for further travel.