Irish Pub O’Neill’s


For those both arriving and on their way out of Sapporo, a great place for those that feel like a pint of Guinness is the Irish Pub O’Neill’s at Sapporo Station!

O’Neill’s can be found in the gallery between the tourist information desk and the cafe in front of the west ticket gates of Sapporo Railway Station. Its exterior and interior are authentic like a true Irish pub so you won’t hesitate to go on in!

You can enjoy Guinness and Kilkenny on tap. Of course there are many other kinds of drinks such as Japanese beer, a good selection of bottled international beers, cocktails, soft drinks and so on. I had Irish coffee for 650 JPY which was very good! If you have the chance, please try the Japanese stout called Yebisu Creamy Top. You can enjoy comparing the difference between Guinness and Yebisu.

For those that miss pub food such as Fish and Chips there’s no need to worry! At O’Neill’s you can find a good selection as well as some Japanese local food on the menu. I think you can have a better meal here than at most pubs in Ireland or Britain.

Don’t miss HAPPY HOUR! From 5pm to 7pm on weekdays and Sundays you can enjoy several drinks for a discounted price! Well, for both those who arriving and those who are leaving Sapporo, or those who are staying in Sapporo and just want to have a nice time, please stop on by. Cheers!

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