Ikeuchi Zone

Ikeuchi department store is divided into two buildings located across an intersection from each other. They mark the East end of the Odori shopping district.

Both buildings are a short walk east of the main street of Ekimae Dori, and the Odori Subway Station as well as Chikaho underground walkway. Although access is not as convenient as some of the other department stores in the area that can be accessed via Sapporo’s underground walkways, it’s still easy to get there by walking or taxi from Odori Station or even Sapporo Station.

The Ikeuchi Zone building is at the south side of the intersection and is the larger of the two. The focus here is more on fashion than the lifestyle brands featured across the street at Ikeuchi Gate. There are 10 floors in total, two basement and 8 above ground. B2 has a mix of ladies’ and men’s fashion shops. Floors B1 through 2 are taken up by the ZARA store. With its Western sizes ZARA is one of the best places in Sapporo for larger sized shoppers to find fashionable clothes that fit well. Floors 3 and 4 have assorted men’s and ladies’ fashions. Floor 5 has a nail salon. Floor 6 has the culture shop Yuzawaya. Floor 7 has a photo studio and beauty salon, and Floor 8 is the restaurant floor with Chinese and French/Italian options.

There is no information desk or pamphlets other than Japanese, but some of the shop staff speak English.