Genghis Khan BBQ Daruma Rokuyon

One of Sapporo’s most popular dishes is Genghis Khan BBQ (Jingisukan), which consists of grilled mutton and vegetables grilled on domed iron plate, together with special Jingisukan sauce (unique to each shop).

Daruma Rokuyon is a chain of Genghis Khan BBQ restaurants which are all located in the Susukino Entertainment district. The main shop is located right in the heart of Susukino, just 3 blocks south of the Susukino Subway Station. It’s nothing fancy, just a simple strait forward shop with a main counter and a few tables. It’s definitely a casual dining experience, and it’s a good idea to come in old clothes as you’ll definitely leave smelling of barbecued lamb! The lamb is excellent though; tender, juicy, and not too strong tasting, so even those who aren’t big fans of mutton will enjoy it. The menu is as simple as can be, as there’s really only the one dish. The drink menu is varied though, and you can get Dai Joki (mega sized) draft beers. The prices are reasonable and the portions will fill you up. It’s a good idea to come early, as there’s often a line outside.

The Genghis Khan Daruma Rokuyon Honten (main shop) is tucked down a side street just off of Ekimae Dori, Sapporo’s main street. It’s easily accessed by walking 3 blocks south from Susukino Subway Station and turning right. Walk a half a block to the West and you’ll see a building with many small multicolored signs. Daruma Rokuyon is down a small entranceway in this building. It can be a bit hard to find; just follow the smoke and smell of BBQ lamb!

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