Consadole Sapporo

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Consadole Sapporo is Sapporo’s professional football (soccer) club. Consadole plays in the J. League Division 2 and is based at Sapporo Dome. This dedicated team is a mix of Japanese and foreign players devoted to the goal of maintaining a standard of excellence nationally and internationally.

“To the world with Hokkaido” is the heart and soul of this professional team. Regional matches keep the level of motivation high with Consadole players. Structured daily training keeps this team’s enthusiasm and momentum going, grooming the players to be “on top of their game” for weekend matches and preparation for overseas games. This weekly training at Shiroikoibito Training Grounds is open to the public as an interesting and enjoyable outing that also supports the team. Devoted followers of this team can keep up to date with regional and national newspaper sports section news. Here’s where you’ll find news-breaking facts such as popular world-class stars joining and promoting Consadole.

The outstanding team uniform of red, green, black and white has been carefully designed to represent principles that the team aspires to. Red stands for victory fire, green stands for the calm, strategical thinking required between team players, white represents the purity of playing fairly, and black proudly reflects the massive land of Hokkaido.

The name ‘Consadole’ is derived from ‘Consado’, an anagram of the Japanese ‘Dosanko’ (a slang term meaning ‘Hokkaido people’), combined with the Spanish expression ‘Ole’. As their home stadium Sapporo Dome is shared by the Nippon Ham Fighters baseball team, and they also use the nearby Sapporo Atsubetsu Park Stadium.

To get to Sapporo Dome take the Sapporo Subway Toho Line (blue line) from Sapporo Station or Odori Station to Fukuzumi Station. From there it’s about a 10 minute walk. To get to the  Shiroikoibito Training Grounds catch the subway from Odori to Miyanosawa on Tozai Line (orange line) and get off at the last stop. It takes about 7 min. walk to the training grounds.

Player Profiles

GK Goal Keeper

photo_kanayama 1 金山 隼樹 KANAYAMA Junki 1988/06/12 186cm/80kg photo_lee_ho_seung 16 イ ホスン LEE HO SEUNG 1989/12/21 188cm/74kg photo_awaka 21 阿波加 俊太 AWAKA Shunta 1995/02/07 185cm/76kg
photo_sugiyama 30 杉山 哲 SUGIYAMA Tetsu 1981/06/26 184cm/78kg photo_dolekun CS ドーレくん DOLE kun 05/04 190cm/80kg

DF Defender

photo_hidaka 2 日高 拓磨 HIDAKA Takuma 1983/04/08 177cm/70kg photo_paulao 3 パウロン PAULAO 1989/12/04 192cm/85kg photo_sonoda 5 薗田 淳 SONODA Jun 1989/01/23 182cm/78kg
photo_mae_t 6 前 貴之 MAE Takayuki 1993/09/16 172cm/62kg photo_uehara_s 14 上原 慎也 UEHARA Shinya 1986/09/29 186cm/72kg photo_nara 23 奈良 竜樹 NARA Tatsuki 1993/09/19 180cm/70kg
photo_kushibiki 25 櫛引 一紀 KUSHIBIKI Kazuki 1993/02/12 180cm/72kg photo_osanai 26 小山内 貴哉 OSANAI Takaya 1993/06/15 176cm/67kg photo_matsumoto 27 松本 怜大 MATSUMOTO Ryota 1990/11/21 175cm/70kg
photo_nagasaka 29 永坂 勇人 NAGASAKA Yuto 1994/05/22 186cm/77kg photo_uchiyama 37 内山 裕貴 UCHIYAMA Yuki 1995/05/07 183cm/69kg

MF Mid Fielder

photo_kawai 4 河合 竜二 KAWAI Ryuji 1978/07/14 183cm/75kg photo_sunakawa 8 砂川 誠 SUNAKAWA Makoto 1977/08/10 173cm/67kg photo_miyazawa 10 宮澤 裕樹 MIYAZAWA Hiroki 1989/06/28 182cm/72kg
photo_furuta 15 古田 寛幸 FURUTA Hiroyuki 1991/05/23 170cm/64kg 17 ヘナン RENAN 1990/04/07 167cm/64kg photo_fukai 18 深井 一希 FUKAI Kazuki 1995/03/11 177cm/72kg
photo_ishii 19 石井 謙伍 ISHII Kengo 1986/04/02 178cm/73kg photo_uesato 20 上里 一将 UESATO Kazumasa 1986/03/13 172cm/70kg photo_kanda 22 神田 夢実 KANDA Yumemi 1994/09/14 170cm/60kg
photo_arano 24 荒野 拓馬 ARANO Takuma 1993/04/20 180cm/60kg photo_kikuoka 28 菊岡 拓朗 KIKUOKA Takuro 1985/06/30 163cm/62kg photo_nakahara 32 中原 彰吾 NAKAHARA Shogo 1994/05/19 177cm/68kg
photo_uehara_t 33 上原 拓郎 UEHARA Takuro 1991/07/08 177cm/70kg photo_matsuyama 36 松山 光 MATSUYAMA Hikaru 06/21 176cm/66kg photo_mae_h 38 前 寛之 MAE Hiroyuki 1995/08/01 173cm/68kg

FW Forward

photo_sakaki 7 榊 翔太 SAKAKI Shota 1993/08/03 163cm/57kg photo_maeda 11 前田 俊介 MAEDA Shunsuke 1986/06/09 172cm/72kg photo_uchimura-1 13 内村 圭宏 UCHIMURA Yoshihiro 1984/08/24 174cm/67kg
photo_kudo 34 工藤 光輝 KUDO Mitsuteru 1991/08/23 170cm/66kg photo_ferro 35 フェホ FERRO 1985/04/20 197cm/92kg