7-11 Odori Park West 7

7-11 Odori Park faces the south side of Odori Park West 7 block. This 7-11 store is very convenient for tourists especially during Sapporo Snow Festival. 7-11 offers a wide selection of products and services. You can use your normal ATM card or credit card to withdraw cash from your foreign account at 7-11 convenience store from the 7-Bank ATM.

7-11 Odori Park West 7 offers a bounty of healthy and reasonably priced meals. Salad, pasta, fruit, snacks and sweets, such as onigiri (rice balls), sandwiches, bread, potato chips, candy, obento (lunch boxes), instant ramen noodle, microwave meals and hot foods like fried chicken, frankfurt sausage and nikuman (a meat bun). Some cold foods, such as onigiri and lunch boxes can be heated up by the store staff if needed. 7-11 Odori Park West 7 sells all kinds of hot and cold beverages including soda, coffee, tea, mineral water, sport drinks, juice, milk and vitamin drinks.  They also sell alcoholic beverages including beer, Japanese sake and wine. Other goods available include body care products, cosmetics, batteries, blank CDs and tapes, umbrellas, newspapers, magazines and comics and even some music CDs & DVDs. The selection changes frequently and often varies by season as well. You’ll find seasonal items like Christmas cakes in December and Valentine’s Day chocolates in February. They have a small eat-in corner. 7-11 convenience store also offers a wide range of services. Foreign credit and debit cards are recognized by 7-11 Bank International ATM. A copy machine and fax is also available at 7-11 store.

7-11 Odori Park West 7 faces south side of Odori Park West 7 block. One block east from Tokyo Dome Hotel. 3 minutes walk from Odori Subway Station.
Odori Park is a venue for Sapporo Snow Festival.