100 Yen Clipper Sushi – Hassamu

This restaurant has been closed as of March 2014.

Don’t follow the tourists. It is true the world over. Many places where tourists shop and dine tend to be a little more expensive. That is why more visitors are travelling independently. They hire their own vehicles instead of joining tours and are using the Internet to discover real bargains. These bargains include the 100 yen sushi restaurants that can be found just outside the areas visited by most tourists.

Just outside of Sapporo’s downtown on the way to Otaru, Shakotan or Teinei Ski Resort is the 100 yen Clipper Sushi Restaurant at Hassamu where all the dishes are 100 yen (105 yen with tax). It is located near the Shindo, or entrance to the toll road to Otaru. It is next door to Toys-r-Us, making it a good choice for those also wishing to shop for children, and there’s plenty of parking. The 100 yen Clipper restaurant is a kaiten sushi (conveyor belt) restaurant that also employs touch screen ordering. Touch screen ordering is nothing new, but the 100 yen Clipper sushi restaurant was one of the first to employ iPads where customers can have full access to the internet on the same ordering tool. Just select your order from the pictures on screen and a “sushi boat” piled with your desired dishes slides right to your table. This automation is one reason why they can keep their prices so low while still maintaining quality.

Modern sushi restaurants like 100 yen Clipper sushi enable customers to order without having to speak Japanese, but for those wishing to try the language, here are some of the main toppings:

Squid – Ika Egg – Tamago Crab – Kani Tuna – Maguro Surf clam – Hokkigai Tuna roll – Tekka Maki Salon Roe – Ikura Fried Tofu – Inari Flying Fish Roe – Tobbiko Natto Roll – Natto Maki Sea Urchin – Uni Pickled Mackerel – Shime saba Saury – Sanma Salmon – Sa-mon Scallop – Hotate Sweet Shrimp -Ama Ebi Minced tuna and spring onion – Negitoro

Fatty Salmon – Toro Sa-mon

To get the pronunciation right watch this video that was filmed at the 100 yen Clipper Sushi Store at Hassamu:

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