Sapporo Stellar Place is a large shopping center located within the JR Tower complex at Sapporo Station. It spans 10 floors, with one basement floor and 9 above ground. Stellar Place is divided into two sections; Stellar Place Center and Stellar Place East. There are over 200 shops ranging from cafes to fashion and accessories, and it’s one of the most popular shopping centers in Sapporo.

As part of the modern Sapporo Station complex, Stellar Place is joined to the Daimaru, Esta, Paseo and Apia shopping centers, the Sapporo Cinema Frontier movie theatre, JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo, JR Tower office complex, T38 observation deck, JR Sapporo Train Station, and Sapporo Subway Station. Its basement also connects to the Chikaho underground walkway, and the first floor exit opens onto Ekimae Dori, Sapporo’s main street. The basement floor has a few cafes together with many fashion outlets that range from ladies’ fashion to accessories, health and beauty items. The first and second floors have fashion outlets for men’s and ladies’ fashion as well as the Sapporo GAP and Comme Ca Ism stores. The third floor has ladies’ fashions and jewelry. The fourth and fifth floors have men’s and ladies’ fashions, accessories, and watches. The sixth floor is the dining floor, where you can find a good selection of reasonably priced restaurants with both Japanese and Western options. This dining area is one of the best in the Sapporo Station area. There are over 25 restaurants, all of which are quite good. The seventh and eighth floors house the Sapporo Cinema Frontier Movie Theater, one of the best places to catch a movie in Sapporo. And finally, the 9th floor houses Mikuni Sapporo, an upscale French restaurant.

There are basic English and Chinese language floor guides available throughout Stellar Place, but most of the shop staff speak Japanese only. There is however an information desk on the first floor of Stellar Place Center where the staff can assist with most questions you may have. Because of its wide range of shops and easy access (literally right at Sapporo Station), this is highly recommended as the first stop for shoppers when visiting Sapporo, and also a good place to get any last minute souvenirs as you’re leaving.

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