Sapporo Ramen Kyowakoku (Republic) is a mini ramen village on the 10th floor of the ESTA Building at Sapporo Station. 8 of Hokkaido’s most famous ramen shops are gathered together here, representing Hokkaido’s four great ramen areas; Sapporo, Asahikawa, Hakodate, and Kushiro.

The village has been designed to reproduce an early postwar Sapporo neighborhood with a retro atmosphere complete with steam locomotive, wooden station building, shrines, etc. Entering the food court from one entrance you can wander through and view the different shops, see large pictures of the menus and watch the diners to get an idea of what’s good. This is a great place to get a taste of the ramen Sapporo is so famous for, and is the first stop of many hungry tourists entering Sapporo at Sapporo Station.

Sapporo Ramen Republic is located at the 10th floor of the Esta building at the Southeast corner of the Sapporo Station complex, above BIC Camera. There is a dedicated elevator that goes direct from the 1st to the 10th floor.

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