Pivot is one of the main department stores in the Odori shopping district. It’s right next to 4pla and across the street from PARCO. The basement is connected to the Chikaho underground walkway and Odori Subway Station, and it’s a half a block away from the Tanuki Koji Shopping Arcade.

Like 4pla next door it focuses on a young clientele, particularly young women’s fashions. It’s the site of the largest Uniqlo store in Sapporo, a very popular chain of stores that has fashions for men, women and children, from casual to work wear, at reasonably prices and good quality.

There are 11 floors in total, 2 basement and 9 above ground. B2 has unisex fashions, a beauty spa and cafe. B1 has primarily ladies’ fashions, shoes and accessories. The 1st floor has a Coach shop and women’s fashions. Floor 2 has women’s fashions. Floor 3 has an eyeglass shop, a nail salon and jewelry. Floor 4 has a Tower Records shop. Floor 5 has sportswear, a contact lens shop, hair salon and cafe. Floor 6 has men’s and ladies’ fashions. Floors 7 and 8 are the Uniqlo store, and the 9th floor has the Slim Beauty House beauty spa.

Information is somewhat limited here, with no information booth, and pamphlets in Japanese only. Some of the shop staff speak English, but it might be best to shop with a Japanese speaking friend here for ease of communication.