Takadaya is primarily a soba shop, and serves a range of very good soba dishes including tempura on soba and soba plus side dish set menus.

Soba is especially popular with the lunch crowd, with plenty of office workers from the surrounding area lining up at lunchtime. In the evening however, it changes to more of an izakaya experience, with the focus shifting to dishes that go well with draft beer or sake such as grilled meats, tempura, etc. Like many izakayas a seating charge is added to the bill in the evening, but it’s quite reasonable at ¥300 yen. Try their soba and curry rice lunch combo for a filling and reasonably priced lunch around ¥1,000 yen.

Takadaya is located two blocks from Sapporo Station, across the street from Akarenga and the Hokkaido Docho, a popular tourist attraction. It’s about a 3 minute walk from the station.

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